Good service is our top priority

Same day service

Multidrop delivery - offering a reliable, fast and efficient service, Star Delivery team are multi-drop specialists for businesses all across the UK. Our multi-drop services are tailored to your business, your sector and your goals, with extensive industry insight and experience to solve problems that serve your business well.

Pallets delivery

Luton Van - here at Star Delivery, we understand the important of expert pallet delivery companies handling your goods and delivering your pallets efficiently. This provides peace of mind by ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination on time and in the very best condition.

Carry goods

Goods romovals personal & companies - we offer tailor made solutions for your moving experience. No job is too big and no job is too small for Star Delivery team. Most importantly, our staff are friendly and approachable. We work hard at making and keeping good relationships with our customers. We hope that they will recommend us to their families and friends, as much of our work comes from local people referring others to us.

High-value transportation

Documents & goods transportation - reliable, cost-effective transportation of your high value goods in UK. Experienced Star Delivery specialists select a vehicle appropriate for the cargo and each Client’s needs. For valuable goods transportation, vehicles are typically equipped with security equipment like tracking systems, alarms, additional locks, and electronic anti-theft devices like immobilizers.